Seth Godin is a best-selling author who’s published over 17 books. He’s an author, entrepreneur, and marketer and public speaker. I especially love the Startup School Podcast that he recorded in 2012 and released for free.

Clearly, he’s a prolific and productive content producer. Here are a few things that I’ve noticed about Seth that I’m documenting for myself.

Write Everyday

Seth Godin seems to write every day, very short, original content which I presume end up being compiled into books.

He spends about 15 minutes each day on his daily blog post. That’s not much time, but it’s not as concise and frequent as a twitter post, so he’s able to put down something short, but good. In 15 minutes, he’s averaging about 3-4 paragraphs which seem very do-able to emulate.

Write When You’re Most Productive

Seth Godin is a morning person so he writes in the morning. He states that he’s unproductive and useless when he’s tired.

I’m pretty bad at being consistent and doing things repeatedly. I need to schedule this but I probably need to do this first thing in the morning.

Write Like You Talk

Seth Godin defines writer’s block as fear. He avoids writer’s block by writing like he talks and it’s impossible to get talker’s block. It helps that he’s an accomplished and entertaining speaker.

I’m a verbal communicator so this is great news for me. Frankly, I don’t know how else to write, other than write like I speak.

Care About the Content, Not the Medium

Seth Godin’s blog is not self-hosted. It’s nicely designed, but very simple and rather plain. He writes using an archaic OS X word processor called Nisus and publishes his daily blog posts on Typepad.

Not caring about the platform is what largely led me to adopt Ghost as my blogging platform. However, I must admit, I wasted way too much time looking for the perfect blogging platform instead of just choosing something simple like, Medium, or Tumblr. I need to focus on producing content, not where it’s going to live.

Make it shareable

Seth Godin seems to have a nugget of gold in each post. Each post has a great headline. Not only are they easy to consume, but they’re great for sharing. Although, sharability is not my primary goal, this is what I hope to achieve in the near future: to write actionable, but highly shareable content.


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